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Introducing the Tallest Self-Propelled Boom Lift by Genie

The Genie® SX-180 boom lift is the highest reaching self-propelled boom lift in the Genie Super Boom™ lineup, capable of reaching an astonishing 180 feet (54.86 m). The SX-180 is built not only to be our tallest boom lift, but to safely and quickly lift operators. Check out these specs to learn more.

Unique Versatility

The SX-180 boom lift is a specially adapted Super Boom that is ideally suited for a huge range of industries: construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil refineries, chemical maintenance, and large utilities.

Extreme Working Envelope

With 180 feet (54.86 m) of vertical reach combined with 80 feet of horizontal outreach, the SX-180 boom lift delivers a working envelope that provides excellent access and versatility that reaches a 120 ft vertical (38.6 m) and 70 ft horizontal (21.34 m) point for even the most extreme tasks.

Full Height Drive Enabled

The Genie SX-180 boom lift is fully drive enabled even when telescoped to its full 180 ft (54.86 m), which means less adjustment downtime and more on-the-job productivity.

Patented XChassis™ System

Our unique XChassis system both extends and retracts, allowing the SX-180 boom lift to provide excellent stability in a profile narrow enough for transport on a standard trailer without requiring over-width or over-height permits.

Rotating Jib & Turntable

60° of horizontal and 135° of vertical jib rotation coupled with 160° of platform rotation makes it easy to get to work. The robust slew bearing and worm drive arrangement provides smooth operation for precision movements. The turntable features continuous 360° rotation, giving the SX-180 boom lift a large, flexible working envelope.

Fully Updated Controls Intuitive Controls

The platform controls, based on our smaller models’ control systems, are comprised of toggle switches and fully proportional jib and boom controls, while the ground controls feature tactile membrane switches and easy-to-see function diagram layout.

Self-Leveling Platform High Capacity Platform

The SX-180 boom lift is equipped with an 8 ft X 3 ft platform (2.44 m X .91 m) with an unrestricted weight capacity of 750 lbs (340.2 kg). It automatically adjusts and remains level as the boom moves to provide ease of use, safety, and an unrestricted reach to get two workers and gear anywhere within the working envelope.

Ease of Maintenance

The SX-180 boom lift is designed so that all of the important components and systems are easy to access for maintenance. Combined with fuel efficiency and generator specs that keep the SX-180 out in the field longer, this lift is designed for limited downtime and ultimate productivity.

Compact Storage & Transport

With a storage width of only 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m) and length of 42 ft 7 in (14.5 m), the SX-180 offers superb reach while still remaining easy to store and trailer-friendly.

The Tallest Genie Self-Propelled Super Boom

The Genie SX-180 boom lift can get you to astonishing heights, 186 ft (54.86 m) to be exact. Find out more about the highest reaching Genie self-propelled boom by downloading the specs below.


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