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Daily To Do’s: Function Tests on Genie® Telehandlers

by Scott Owyen - Director of Training

Performing function tests is a crucial part of safe work practices before operating any telehandler because function tests are designed to discover any malfunctions before the machine is put into service. A best practice for safe use is for the telehandler operator to follow the step-by-step instructions listed in the manufacturer's supplied operator's manual to test all machine functions prior to each shift. For example, Genie operator's manuals contain specific, detailed instructions on what tests to perform, as well as how to perform the tests that need to be completed. Function tests should always be performed after the operator has performed the pre-operation inspection.

Below is an example of function tests that Genie recommends its telehandler operators perform.

  • Test the ignition system
  • Test the horn
  • Test the transmissionDaily Telehandler Function Tests to Perform
  • Test the backup alarm
  • Test the parking brake
  • Test the service brake
  • Test the joystick control(s) – raise, lower, extend, retract
  • Test the fork tilt
  • Test the steering modes
  • Test the drive function
  • Test the stabilizers (if equipped)
  • Test frame sway (if equipped)
  • Test the auxiliary hydraulics (if equipped)
  • Test the rear axle lockout (if equipped)
  • Test the lights (if equipped)
  • Test the rear proximity alarm system (if equipped)
  • Test the backup camera (if equipped)
  • Test the attachment

Operators should always read the telehandler's operator's manual provided by the equipment manufacturer to learn more on how to perform these tests. It is important that operators always use the appropriate operator's manual for the telehandler they are inspecting.


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